About Service Integrated Relationships (SiR)

Service Integrated Relationships (SiR) is a customer relationship and business value logic which was developed between 2009 and 2015 by a multi-disciplinary team of service management, relationship sciences and information sciences researchers and industry practitioners. It defines loyalty not as a business outcome but rather as a process of enhanced customer role facilitation. More than any other logic, its focus is on building goodwill between the customer and the service organization and on transforming the customer into a strategic resource to the organization: the customer should co-own the service experience.


SiR posits that in every service encounter, customers have three generic needs:

  1. a need to be served
  2. a need to build, trust and to connect with the service provider and
  3. a need to explore their own role in the service process and organization


The way these three needs should be fulfilled during the service process is contingent upon the level of goodwill that exists between customer and service organization and upon the type and quality of the relationship that customers have with the service organization. Customer goodwill can be defined as an open line of communication between customer and service organization and is representative of the customer’s willingness to build and manage the relationship with the organization. High goodwill customers pay more attention to the relational and collaborative aspects of service than low goodwill customers; this is the foundation of the Goodwill Differentiated Services (GDS) concept.


SiR is unambiguous in its definition of the customer relationship concept: a service relationship is a mental representation of how the three needs are met during ongoing interactions between the customer and the organization. This mental representation is referred to as the State of the Relationship (SoR). As every customer is inherently unique, no single service or marketing stimulus can be best, and, as a result, each individual customer relationship needs to be profiled by the service organization to determine the next best steps. Mapping and managing this unique service experience is referred to as the customer meta-experience or CX+, the key driver of durable customer value.


SiR-Intel is the intelligence that supports this meta-dialogue with the customer about dynamically changing preferences, the quality of the relationship with the service organization and the role the customer wishes to adopt within this process. SiR-Intel makes the service organization aware of any type of service or marketing action that builds customer goodwill and thereby benefits both the organization and the customer.


Additional information can be found in the publication by Olaf Hermans. This publication can be downloaded here (pdf)