• SiR-Intel LLP USA holds all intellectual and commercial rights to the SiR concept, the logic, related materials, research outcomes, and service interaction algorithms and bridges the gap between the business and academic communities. Its Managing Director is Dr. Hubert B. Van Hoof, Professor of Strategic Management at Penn State University.


  • SiR-Goodwill BVBA Belgium markets and implements the SiR logic on behalf of SiR-Intel with industry partners and it licenses other implementation partners (CX consultants). Its Managing Director is Mr. Ingmar Hermans who has over 20 years of experience in sales & service strategy, tactics & operations. Ingmar has held management positions for companies in capital equipment manufacturing, services and consumables sales throughout Europe.


  • SiR-Academy BV Belgium designs, organizes and delivers training and education programs on behalf of SiR-Intel. SiR Academy BV is responsible for customer training and education. In an eight-step, three-day training program, the academy’s trainers explain the SiR logic to users by means of SiR-Goodwill best case scenarios. Its Managing Director is Mr. Hubert Scheir who has over thirty years of extensive international sales & marketing expertise in business-to-business environments.